# Walmart Scraper API

The team behind PHP Scraper is working on providing commercial APIs for various common use cases as well as platforms. These APIs aren't self-hosted. You won't need to worry about rotating IPs/proxies, running a headless browser such as Puppeteer. A simple API call will get you all information required. The services will be provided on a attractive usage-dependent fee-structure basis.

For Walmart we are considering the implementation of an API with the following scope.

# Proposed Supported Endpoints

  • Get Product Details
  • Keyword Search for Products


Please note this list of API endpoints is not final is likely going to change.

# Platform Support

With the approach to use a managed API, users are freed from worrying about rotating proxies, scaling issues, and outages. Also, a wide range of platforms is supported. You can easily integrate into NodeJS, Python (without requests or beautifulsoap), Golang, etc. Any platform that allows to execute GET requests can be programmed to request data from this service.