# An opinionated web-scraping library for PHP

by Peter Thaleikis (opens new window)

Web scraping using PHP can done easier. This is an opinionated wrapper around some great PHP libraries to make accessing the web easier.

The examples tell the story much better. Have a look!

# The Idea 💡️

Accessing websites and collecting basic information of the web is too complex. This wrapper around Goutte (opens new window) makes it easier. It saves you from XPath and co., giving you direct access to everything you need. Web scraping with PHP re-imagined.

# Supporters 💪️

This project is sponsored by:

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# Examples

Here are some examples of what the web scraping library can do at this point:

# Scrape Meta Information:

$web = new \spekulatius\phpscraper();

 * Navigate to the test page. It contains:
 * <meta name="author" content="Lorem ipsum" />
 * <meta name="keywords" content="Lorem,ipsum,dolor" />
 * <meta name="description" content="Lorem ipsum dolor etc." />
 * <meta name="image" content="https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/assets/cat.jpg" />

// Get the information:
echo $web->author;          // "Lorem ipsum"
echo $web->description;     // "Lorem ipsum dolor etc."
echo $web->image;           // "https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/assets/cat.jpg"

Most other information can be accessed directly - either as string or an array.

# Scrape Content, such as Images:

$web = new \spekulatius\phpscraper();

 * Navigate to the test page. This page contains two images:
 * <img src="https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/assets/cat.jpg" alt="absolute path">
 * <img src="/assets/cat.jpg" alt="relative path">

 * [
 *     'url' => 'https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/assets/cat.jpg',
 *     'alt' => 'absolute path',
 *     'width' => null,
 *     'height' => null,
 * ],
 * [
 *     'url' => 'https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/assets/cat.jpg',
 *     'alt' => 'relative path',
 *     'width' => null,
 *     'height' => null,
 * ]

Some information optionally is returned as an array with details. For this example, a simple list of images is available using $web->images too. This should make your web scraping easier.

More example code can be found in the sidebar or the tests.

# Installation

The installation usually is done using Composer (opens new window).

# Installation with Composer

composer require spekulatius/phpscraper

After the installation is completed the package will be picked up by the Composer autoloader. In typical PHP applications and frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony you can start scraping now. You can now use any of the noted examples or examples in the tests/-folder.

# Usage in VanillaPHP-Projects

If you are building a VanillaPHP project, you will need to include the autoloader in your script at the top of your PHP script:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

If you are using a framework such as Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Phalcon, or CakePHP, you won't need this step. The autoloader is automatically included.

# Found a bug and fixed it? Awesome!

Before you get started, make yourself familiar with the contribution guidelines. Any questions feel free to reach out.

# Tests: Making sure it works!

The code is roughly covered with end-to-end tests. For this, simple web-pages are hosted under https://test-pages.phpscraper.de/, loaded and parsed using PHPUnit (opens new window). These tests are also suitable as examples - see tests/!

This being said, there are probably edge cases which aren't working and may cause trouble. If you find one, please raise a bug on GitHub.